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The Game Objective

Objective: Provide immersive and entertaining gameplay where gamers/players do not get lose interest over time due to repetitive game-play, and/or marginal incentive.
Born To Die Game is a AAA-class FPS game in the metaverse, where gamers fight against the environment, and each other to complete different challenges/missions, to unlock teleportation and time travel in the metaverse. The game is a battle between 4 factions, with each gamer contributing to gather rare NFTs across different missions, levels, and PvP.
The goal of the game is to unlock time travel for their faction. The faction that unlocks time travel gets to progress to the next season, with their Heroes, Weapons, Levels, and NFTs, and they get certain advantages as the game progresses.

Game Objective

Gamers/Players come to play the game for the rewards, however, they stick and continue playing the game for the entertainment, the gameplay, and the excitement. At the same, if the reward continues to go down over a period of time, no matter how entertaining or exciting the gameplay is, the players will move to greener pastures.
For an NFT-based game, along with the gamers, both investors and traders also form an important role in the progress and success of the game. Most games almost ignore one or both of these stakeholders. BornToDieGame is different. The economy design has been designed from ground up considering 3 different stakeholders, and ensuring it is balancing the ecosystem perfectly.
Unlike others, BornToDieGame employs a skill tree approach. Thus, giving players different roles and directions to explore. With multiple levels, dynamic game map, and always evolving environment, every gameplay is different and challenging. This unlocks different Rare NFTs, Upgrade NFTs, Weapons, Armours, Skins and more. Some gamers can dedicate themselves towards farming of weapons, skins, armours, etc, while others towards progressing on the challenge and achieving goals. Additional rewards, NFTs, tokens are subject to the discretion of the BTDG team, making the list of rewards and benefits non-exhaustive.
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