Staking & Rewards
Staking of NFTs is the first of many different economic benefits for investors. Unlike other NFTs, which give returns only by price appreciation, here, along with price appreciation, Investors get returns from staking their NFTs as well.

Genesis NFT Staking

All the Genesis NFTs are available for staking in the game. Different genesis NFTs have different staking multiples and different rewards defined as well.
This is how it works:
  • There is a start date for staking the NFTs.
  • There is a grace period to be able to withdraw staking. Once staked, the NFTs will not be open for trading till all the NFTs are staked and rewards distributed. (This is to prevent new investors from getting cheated by buying NFTs expecting rewards when they have already been claimed.)
  • Some of the genesis NFTs can only be staked with a certain multiple. (details soon)


  • Heroes NFTs - Airdrop of Heroes NFT to Genesis NFT holders who have staked. People can stake/claim their Heroes NFTs later, when they find the multiple to stake and claim.
  • Access Packs - Genesis NFTs staked will get Access Packs in Airdrop. The number of Access Packs or the type of packs will differ. These airdrops can happen at any time. If any NFT is not staked, they can claim theirs later after staking.
  • In-Game NFTs Airdrop/Claim - Guns and Armors will be airdropped to genesis NFT holders as well. Like the previous ones, these can also be claimed later after staking.
  • In-Game Tokens ($DIE) - $DIE tokens will be rewarded on a block by block. These tokens will be locked and released 2.5% on TGE and then linearly over a period of 2 years. Post TGE, there will be rewards as well, and their details will be updated soon. (Unlike, the previous rewards, if NFTs are not staked, the token given earlier will be missed and can not be claimed later.)
There will be 1-3 Airdrops every month. It is not scheduled and will be More rewards will be introduced from time to time, as we progress.

Heroes NFT Staking

Just before the game launch, Heroes Staking will be introduced where NFT owners can stake their Heroes NFTs. They can stake their Heroes NFT at the start, or later as per their choice. At the time of staking, they can not sell/trade their Heroes NFTs. To sell, they would have to unstake their NFTs, which will unlock the NFT which can then be sold.
Once the Heroes NFTs are staked, they will qualify for the rewards. If anyone stakes later, they will only get the rewards going forward, and not the past ones either given out already, or missed. As the game progresses, the rewards will also keep increasing.


  • Hero NFT Derivates - Revenue share from Heroes NFT Derivatives sale. Up to 70% of the revenue from NFT Derivatives will be shared with the Heroes NFTs holders, who have staked on the platform. It will be distributed equally among all the staked NFTs.
  • Airdrops - After the Heroes NFT is dropped, any airdrop will be given to the Heroes NFT holder as a reward after staking. If missed, these can not be claimed back either.
  • In-Game Tokens ($DIE) - Periodic Airdrops of in-game $DIE token, to encourage community participation. (this is optional and would come as surprises offering.)
All the rewards are managed by the game, and subject to change. More rewards could be introduced later, and will be voted by the DAO before going live.
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